PCPS - Personal Credit Prequalification System

Retail lending is requested by a lot of people, but usually in small amounts. To make this transaction type profitable, credit assessment has to be made in a short time and with a low cost level. The effective credit assessment process has to filter out insolvent people, so the assessment time and cost levels can be kept low. The PCPS application helps to achieve this.

PCPS is structured from 3 sources (CCIS – credit report, BM – personal and address database, NAV reports), so it can be cost-effective in prequalification.
The PCPS process:

  1. Starting the credit assessment process, it is important to filter out fake or inaccurate data. For this purpose we send requests to the personal and address database (BM). In certain cases, suspicious clients can be quickly identified and rejected, and requests with inaccurate data can be easily prevented.
  2. CCIS request only goes out with correct client data, so only valid results will be received. CCIS is effective and precise. Adding more filtering options can help in improving the application’s accuracy.
  3. The above 2 filtering options then pass the data to another request to NAV’s inventory, so the clients’ legitimate status can be assured.