Sales service

In the life of a company, the time may soon come when it is necessary to sell its services and products, and a marketing platform or a webshop is no longer sufficient. In order for sales to work properly, a certain number of resources must be available to do just that. Otherwise, time will have to be diverted from other segments, where there is a risk that a given member of staff will not be able to complete the tasks originally assigned to him or her on time or at all. Another solution could be to hire salespeople specifically delegated to this task, trained for it. In this case, the learning curve may be longer and even the wage costs may be higher in the long run than hiring an external company.

The sales service offered by Rate Software Licence Ltd. is a good solution in such cases, as our company takes over the sales process. Our company has a dedicated team to handle cold calls, customer relationship management and results processing. 

What is needed to start a sales activity:

  • Product/service description (what is the product and/or service to be sold/what they want to sell)
  • This is the service or product to be sold to our team 
  • The product or service you are selling or what you want to sell. 
  • Target group (who we are targeting with the product/service, the database you can also review the database and choose which potential customers to call and which not) and the person we should reach within potential companies. 
  • Persuasion mode (it is necessary to collect the call words for which products on the market, choose your product from the customer you are contacting) 
  • Demand, expectation from them (an important part to start the process, as this is the basis on which we can commit to a particular outcome)

The possible forms of sales:

  • Telephoning: this is the type of telemarketing where, based on a given text, the this is a type of telephone call where salespeople call a given number of customers with a given text message to offer a product or service. 
  • Facebook campaign: in today’s world, a Facebook or any social networking site can be used to send a sales message to a customer or a sales representative. Platform is almost obsolete. Our company offers a wide range of services. We offer a wide range of advertising on online platforms. 
  • E-mail campaign: a well-written, concise marketing text via e-mail. Is sent in the agreed quantity and in the specified format target group of potential customers and, after the e-mails have been sent out the emails are sent out to a targeted number of emails and sent to a specific number of recipients.

After cooperation with our company, you as our client will receive the following, based on the agreed requirements:

  • Customers contacted 
  • Who of the contacted customers was interested 
  • Contact details of interested parties, including appointment booking if applicable 
  • It is also possible to book an appointment with the client. 
  • If we sell you more than one service/product, we will of course contact the customer who has made the enquiry. 
  • which service was offered to the interested party of interest. 
  • Quality assurance is important to our company, for which the MiniCRM system is used. 
  • Statistics on how many of all calls were actual calls (customers reached) and how many were where the target person was reached
  • Of the customers reached, how many were enquiries
  • How many of the enquirers were booked and how many requested an appointment information (optional). 
  • Closures statistics (you tell us which closures were successful or Unsuccessful). 
  • Other custom statistics
Example of a statistical chart