Development of a custom web application

Rate Software Licence Ltd. develops custom web applications based on customer requirements.


  • The development is done using the Ionic 5 with cordova development environment.
  • both the UI interface and the business logic of the applications can be kept in common code for Android and iOS
  • fast development
  • The framework uses HTML and CSS to develop the UI interfaces, while the business logic is implemented in TypeScript (Angular).
  • Spring Boot is a microservices-based framework for building applications in a short time. Everything is automatically configured in the system
  • Spring JPA is a Java specification for managing relational data in Java applications. It allows us to access and store data between a Java object/class and a relational database.


We have developed several successful web applications over the years. These include the WineryPass admin interface, GePri. 

The Winery Wine Identification application aims to provide a simple and reliable way to verify the origin of wine throughout its life cycle, from bottling to the glass. This mobile application includes an administrator interface. Here, the system administrator can view the list of wineries, wineries, wine regions and wine types.

The GePri application is a flexible on-call document generation system that fulfils the different needs of each application through web service calls when it is necessary to print documents specified by the calling application. Currently, it is used by D.A.S Legal Protection Insurance Ltd, the branch network of Erste Bank and the headquarters, generating 10 million contracts and other information documents per year.

To print documents, the following information is required

  • document templates
  • transaction data xml (this is created by the calling application based on the xsd defined by us and delivered with the generation request)
  • specify the relationship between the variables parameterized in the template and the transaction xml (data descriptor)

The TMP Maker is a document printer and editing application. Its purpose is to generate documents.