CCIS interfaces for credit reports

Obligation for financial institutions to join the CCRS

All financial institutions operating in Hungary are required to join the Central Credit Register System (CCRS) operated by BISZ ZRT if they are engaged in lending for contracts covered by the CCRS Act.

According to the CCRS Act:

  1. The data of the credit contract covered by the CCRS Act must be transferred to the CCRS and regularly updated to reflect changes in their data, and the outstanding principal and monthly repayment must be reported for all contracts on a monthly basis.
  2. Prior to the conclusion of new credit agreements, the credit history of the credit applicant (credit report) must be consulted in the credit rating process and taken into account when assessing the credit application.

To perform these tasks, BISZ ZRT provides a web-based application and, in cooperation with GIRO ZRT, a file-based mainframe automated interface. The use of the BISZ thin client requires a lot of parallel, manual tasks to be performed. To use the mainframe automation interface, it is necessary to develop a custom solution or implement, lease or purchase an existing solution.

Solutions to manage 1000, 10 000 or more 100 000 contracts

While keeping track of 50 to 100 contracts in the financial institution’s credit registry, CCRS and accounting systems is a tedious but manually manageable task, it is a superhuman challenge to manage 1,000, 10,000 or more contracts. This is where we want to help you with our webCCRS2 – CCRS relationship management software package. We want to offer our partners the opportunity:
  • a more convenient, informative solution than the BISZ web application
  • a semi-automated or fully automated version of the capital maintenance compliance process
  • automatic implementation of daily maintenance
  • loading the digital data of the credit report into your credit rating system
  • advice on how to complete the CCRS reporting
These options are made available according to the needs of our partners:
  • A) they can use webCCRS2 by joining the National Association of Financial Enterprises (PVOE): a semi-automated solution for capital maintenance compliance.
  • B) they will soon be able to replace manual daily CCRS maintenance if they use the “…” credit register system and are connected to PVOE (in preparation)
  • C) they require full support: they connect to CCRS, GIRO themselves, we install webCCRS2 on their own server, we implement automated data exchange and reporting to CCRS with their own credit register system, we also provide operational support and consultancy.

Options to support the credit rating process

  1. A)
    • Initiate a credit report query from our Partner’s credit reporting system, and
    • Transferring credit report data in digital format to our Partner’s credit registry system to conduct a content evaluation, and
    • Digital preparation of credit report data for analysis
  2. B)
    • Retrieval of NAV electronic income statement, digital preparation of data for analysis for credit rating process
  3. C)
    • based on the credit applicant’s authorisation, digital retrieval of the credit applicant’s 90-day bank account history, for 12 banks operating in Hungary, digital preparation of transactions for analysis for the credit rating process
  4. D) Customer identification based on Ministry of Interior data:
    • retrieval of identity card data
    • address data retrieval
    • query of driving licence data
    • passport data query
  5. E)
    • Retrieval of business details from Ministry of Justice records

webCCRS2 history, acquisition, features

The CCRS relationship software suite supplied by Rate Software Licence Ltd. has been in development since 2002, with the current version, webCCRS, introduced to our partners in 2013 and has been continuously improved since then based on legal compliance, partner needs and our own market research and thinking. We also went further with the launch of CCRS9 v4.0, when we introduced webCCRS2, which was also a complete technology overhaul with stronger features, incorporating new CCRS services, a new look and feel, and entirely new features.
Our current partners using webCCRS2 are CETELEM, Oney, Unicredit, Sberbank, OTP Faktoring and more than 100 members of the National Association of Financial Enterprises.

Financial institutions can use webCCRS2 by joining PVOE or on their own right.

In the latter case, they can choose between a rental scheme or the purchase of a licence for the right to use webCCRS2, both of which cover the use of one live and one test copy, without limitation on the number of users. The advantage of the rental scheme is the ability to keep track of changes, the development and implementation costs of which are covered by the rental fee. For operational support, we provide standard or advanced support on request. Services available in webCCRS2 installed on our partner’s server:
  1. Providing access to the data managed in the CCRS:
    1. Credit reports, customer files, possibility to query your own contract via web interface.
    2. Provision of automated CCRS queries based on a system-system connection
    3. Advanced query services: data normalization, flagging of incorrect or insufficient data, and automatic scoring ("CCRS scoring", which can be transparently customized for the Customer)
  2. Additional optional query data services:
    1. GIRinfO – Access to BM data service (document data query).
    2. NAV JIR – retrieve electronic income statements
    3. CCRSB – under preparation
    4. uniQuery – query external databases using a Web Service. Currently supported external databases: CCRS, JIR, GIRinfO, under preparation: CCRSB
  3. daily maintenance of contracts managed in CCRS
    1. automatic, scheduled processing, based on data received from the Customer’s IT system in the interface tables, with e-mail notification; this involves checking the operating conditions, monitoring the number of transactions, monitoring the error rate and processing it if it occurs, thus blocking and preventing further errors
    2. Multi-bank servicing: a single WebCCRS instance can serve multiple institutions, including 2 to 5 large banks if required; the efficiency and flexibility of the system allows for servicing across different interfaces.
    3. individually, with human intervention on the webCCRS2 web interface (special cases)
  4. monthly capital maintenance of contracts managed in the CCRS
    1. automatic, scheduled processing, based on the data received from the Customer’s IT system in the interface tables, with change monitoring, alerts, e-mail notification, feedback of results
    2. automatic, scheduled maintenance of the Rescue capital, thus avoiding a fine of HUF 2 300 000.
    3. on a case-by-case basis, via the webCCRS2 web interface, with human intervention (for specific cases)
  5. transfer (handover and takeover) support:
    1. support for large-scale transfer or takeover,
    2. automated monitoring at a scheduled agreed frequency
    3. on a case-by-case basis, via the webCCRS2 web interface, with human intervention.
  6. automated, scheduled retrieval of CCRS debt settlement notifications and delivery of results,
  7. automatic, scheduled retrieval of BISZ data accuracy notifications with automatic feedback support.
  8. CCRS mailing, in particular 60-day notices specifically required by law.
  9. automated archiving, GDPR compliance (partner specific) The webCCRS2 providing the listed services will be installed on the Customer’s Windows server. VPN protected remote desktop access. Supported database engines: MS-SQL or ORACLE (provided by Customer). The Customer must have GIRO network access and a file-based automatic CCRS subscription with BISZ, a contract with the service providers for the use of GIRINFO or KKSZB. WebCCRS2 can be accessed by the Customer’s employees in a browser, nothing is installed on client machines. The rights to use the system can be set by the Customer’s administrators in the Customer’s Active Directory. Backups, physical and logical access are controlled by the Customer’s administrators.